Lump Charcoal

Lump Charcoal


Lump charcoal also responds accordingly to oxygen, hence you can easily control the level of heat if your grill features adjustable air vents.
It also contains no fillers or additives which makes it one of the cleanest ways to barbecue.
Lump charcoal burns faster and hotter than briquettes so you do need to be careful with your temperature control.


We have very strict standards and ONLY Quebracho Blanco Hardwood is used which is world-renowned for the quality of charcoal it produces.


“Quebracho” means “axebreaker” and is renowned as one of the hardest wood species for a long-lasting burn of 5 HOURS! Our Charcoal is produced in traditional brick kilns and is all natural with no chemicals or additives. Taste what you made, not what you made it with.


Our charcoal burns extremely hot, with over 7800 cal/g of cooking power, is clean, smoke-free, Pure White Ashes and ZERO SPARKS. Our Premium XL pieces is amazing quality and perfect for BBQ, Restaurants, Grills and Retail Stores.


Product Description

Product Name Hardwood Lump Charcoal
Material Hard Wood
Application Barbecue (BBQ)
Shape Lump
Type Black Charcoal
Granulometry: 40-200mm
Fixed Carbon FC: 70% min.
Moisture: 8% max
Ash Content 4% max
Calory (J) 6800
High calorific value: 7800 Kcal/Kg
Burning time 4.5 Hours
Raw Material Mix Hard Wood
Feature Odorless
Size 5-15 Cm
Burning time: 4-5 hours
Filtered: No dust, no sand, NO SPARKS
Hardness 95%(not Easy Broken)
Payment Term T/T


We provide custom packaging with your logo, can be kraft paper bags or laminated PP bags from 2-25kg.




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