Acacia Wood Pellet

Acacia Wood Pellet


Acacia Wood Pellets are an excellent choice for smokers. Suitable for smoking products such as fish, chicken, beef, lamb, pork, and vegetables.

Even fairly hard meat of wild birds (geese, ducks, partridges, etc.) becomes soft and juicy, acquiring a unique flavour and slightly sweetish taste. Wood pellets are a pressed product with a diameter of 6-8 mm and a length of 5-30 mm. Wood pellets are also used for additional flavouring when preparing shish kebabs. Granules are added to the main coals, and the smoke produced by smouldering gives the product a unique wood flavour.

The granules for smoking directly affect the taste, appearance, and quality of the products. You will not feel any bitterness and acid. The products do not settle with soot. When smoke that gives pellets deeply penetrates into the smoky foods, all products are impregnated with it and get its unique aroma and taste.

Diameter 8-12mm
Length 10-30mm
Ash ≤2%
Calorific Value 4300-4500kcal
Moisture content ≤8%
Sulphurcontent ≤1.5%
Volatilization  Above 40%
 Density  1.1-1.3T/m³
 Burning rate ≥95%
 heat efficiency  ≥85%- 95%


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