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Descriptions: Wood pellets are a renewable resource, the fuel that is already widely available in the world nowadays. The sawdust or wood shavings are compressed under great pressure and forced through holes. This is a hot process, and the natural lignin in the sawdust/wood shavings melts and binds the dust together, holding the pellet in shape and giving it that characteristic sheen on the outside.

Economic efficiency: Wood pellets are extremely dense and can be produced with a low moisture content (below 10%) that allows them to be burned with a very high combustion efficiency. Their high density also permits compact storage and rational transport over long distances. Electricity generated from pellets in converted coal plants is almost the same cost as electricity generated from natural gas, or diesel.

Environmentally friendly: Wood pellets are a sustainable fuel that can significantly reduce net carbon emissions compared to fossil fuels. Its production and use also bring additional environmental and social benefits.

Using scopes: Biomass fuels replace fossil fuels in power plants, stoves, the boiler of textiles, food, leather, animal feeding, dye industrials, and animal bedding.


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We are whole sale suppliers of best quality wood pellets such as pine wood pellets, birch wood pellets, beech wood pellets, oak wood pellets, sunflower husk, and rice husk pellets, We also sell charcoals such as hardwood charcoal, oak charcoal, mangrove charcoal, lump charcoal, Orange charcoal, coconut shell charcoal, BBQ Charcoal and firewood on pallets. We supply bases in accordance with client-specific requirements and successfully establish great relationships with them. Client satisfaction has been the aim concern.


The largest company from Ukraine that produces and sells firewood, other solid biofuels, and wooden products. We have extensive experience in producing and selling solid fuel and constantly expand the range.


Thanks to the presence of our plants in almost every region of Ukraine and Belarus, we can offer you a large selection of firewood from various breeds and other types of solid fuel.


We create individual prices based on the wishes of our customers from different geographical regions to create the most favorable business conditions.


All our products are certified and have all the necessary documents: ISO, FSC, ENplus, Phyto certificate, and certificate of origin.


All our plants for the production of firewood and other solid fuels are located in various environmentally friendly regions of Ukraine and Belarus.


Our quality Department thoroughly checks all products before sending them to the customer.

About company

Wood Pellets Corp is a manufacturing and trading company operating in wood material trading – Pellets, Firewood, Briquettes, wood chips, and other material. Since 2002 trading has been done under the company “Screen Vision” LTD. However, Wood Pellets Corp was registered in 2015 as a separate enterprise.
In 2019 “Wood Pellets Corp. was born. This company will focus more on working with birch lumber materials. We have exported hundreds of containers worldwide with birch lumber, and we don’t stop there. We aim to add more value to birch lumbers by exporting more END material to customers worldwide. Be sure everything you read about Wood Pellets Corp. is also part of Wood Pellets Corp.
Wood Pellets Corp today is one of Germany’s leading wood trading companies. Today we trade from Russia to Saudi Arabia. We have more than 200 suppliers in different countries for wood materials, and we do not stop there. By working hard and continuously developing, the company now offers many wood materials, which we aim for in the Baltic States and in Western and Eastern Europe. Since its inception, Wood Pellets Corp has become one of the largest and most successful companies in Germany in this field!


Wood Pellets Corp’s success is based on our client’s sense of responsibility. The company prides itself on its accuracy and transparent business in accordance with international standards.

Wood Pellets Corp lays special emphasis on the professionalism of its employees and partners. The company selects only well-trusted suppliers, where suppliers are checked before we start to cooperate to ensure our client’s safety and that they will receive the best available quality for purchased materials. Wood Pellets Corp maintains the professionalism of its employees and partners with any partner we work with.


Wood Pellets Corp believes that everything is possible. We believe in honest and transparent business. No matter whether You need 1 m3 of the highest quality oak lumbers or entire ship ( 3500 tonnes ) with wood pellets, we will always do our best to satisfy client expectations. We are always ready for communication because, for us, communication shows that buyer and seller is interested in long term cooporation.

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