Kiln Dried Birch Firewood

Kiln Dried Birch Firewood


Kiln dried birch firewood logs are user-friendly & easy to use kiln dried logs perfect for your woodburnerstove, log burnerfirepitchiminea or wood fired pizza oven. Choose our best value birch logs for the most convenient fire lighting experience. Birch is a light-coloured hardwood and a traditional choice in Scandinavian countries. Its thin paper-like bark is great as a firelighter and Birch logs produce a fierce bright flame and high temperatures quickly when burned.

Important features:

  • Best value and easy to light
  • Birch hardwood is split and cut to 25cm lengths
  • Kiln dried to moisture levels under 20%
  • Carefully hand stacked logs fill the entire crate

All full crates of firewood are ‘Ready to Burn’ accredited and labelled. This means they meet Woodsure’s quality checks and have moisture content levels of 20% or less.  Crates are wrapped in a thin plastic sheet to maintain their dryness during the shipping process. To keep your firewood dry, place these in a sheltered storage space with plenty of air circulation.


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