Kiln Dried Oak Firewood

Kiln Dried Oak Firewood


Kiln dried Oak firewood logs are a traditional firewood with a slow and steady burn. Suitable for woodburnersfirepitsstoveschimineas and other appliances. This hardwood log is seen as the romantic fuel of the firewood world. The oak logs are cut, split and kiln-dried before being hand stacked neatly into a full crate for maximum value per purchase. A full crate is enough to keep your log shed stocked throughout the colder months, while also being small and convenient enough to be delivered down country lanes.

Traditionally used as a yule log in Pagan tradition throughout the colder and darker months, oak is a popular choice for its incredibly long burn duration. Oak logs have a tight grain and have a high density. This means that they have a high calorific value that generates more heat while burning more slowly – ideal for overnight use. Please note that the high density makes oak harder to light. We recommend that you use Ecoblaze natural firelighters when burning oak for effortless fire lighting. Spend less time tending to the fire and get on with your day while the low flame flickers in the background.

Important features: 

  • Longest burn duration
  • Hardwood logs are split, cut to 25cm lengths
  • Kiln dried to moisture content below 20%.

All full crates of firewood are ‘Ready to Burn’ accredited and labelled. This means they meet Woodsure’s quality checks and have moisture content levels of 20% or less.

Our crates are wrapped in a thin plastic sheet to maintain their dryness during the shipping process. To keep your firewood dry, place these in a sheltered storage space with plenty of air circulation.


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